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“The last ten years have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years will be about how IT will change your business. "

Our Philsophy and principles

About Us

Our main goal is to provide reliable, modern, and highly professional services to businesses, which are in their starting or primary phase. With easytect UG our clients get the most out of their IT and Marketing plannings and can control their finances in a better way.

With experts from different fields and a wide range of experiences, easytect UG provides its clients with the best of their fields to gain great growth.

The principles, which are the ground rules of easytect UG’s work policy, are communicated and internalized within all employees and participants. Justice, humanity, fairness, and sustainability are just a few of these to mention.  

Our Services

Choose one of our services for a detailed overview and description.

Web Design

A chance to reach the world, made easy and effective with our 20 euro website package. Or let’s do it your way with our highly skilled team.


With our eye-catching corporate branding designs, don’t go un-noticed ever again. Build your business with your own Identity.

Digital Marketing

Rise above and beyond the boundaries. Build an impactful marketing strategy tailored especially for your business needs.


Create professional networks within your company and manage everything in one place. Or let’s go in the cloud and be accessible from everywhere.

Website Design

Let’s Begin with the simplest thing you’ll need for your business: a modern, responsive and professional website representing your company.

From what the startups experienced, there is just a need to have a simple one-page site to present the idea and company to their audience.

With small, functional sites, built fast, the company can be represented professionally with a modern, responsive design.

So you can focus on spreading the word, generate leads and start to grow your customer base.

The Solution

We Design, you just relax and tell us what to change! 
And you just pay from 30,-€ monthly.

The monthy solution

What you'll get for the per month Plan


From the number one provider get also one E-Mail address of your choice on your domain name. (e.g. for get


Get a domain from one of the best german based domain providers. (choose from a .de,, .us, .ca or .com domain)

Cloud Hosting

Your website data is stored and running on microsoft’s cloud. As your website grows, the speed of the server increases with it.


The domain will be secured with a SSL certificate, so nobody get fetch personal data of your visitors. Furthermore the website will be protected with firewall, anti-malware, anti-virus and many more solutions.


Regarding to the European Union law from May 25th, 2018 websites must be prepared for data protection. With cookies consent and ssl your website will be prepared for that.


Let us care about all legal and privacy information on your website. Neccessary sites, like imprint and privacy policies, are taken care of.

Manage Workload

You decide in which direction your website needs to go. Control the development input and with that control the expences.

Calculate costs

The main goal for easytect UG is to provide valuable services for affordable budgets. Oversee your expenditures at any time and don’t let them get out of hands.

Ready to shine

Place your business in the showcase and make sure your clients get to notice it.

Modern Designs

With contemporary and professional websites, you are ready to boost up your business. 



charged annually
  • One-Pager Website
  • choose from template
  • 1 x Domain (.de or .com)
  • 1 x E-Mail (200MB space)
  • 1 x SSL certificate for the chosen domain
  • Max. 5 sections on website
  • E-Mail standard support


charged semi-annually
  • everything from STANDARD
  • Max. 7 Abschnitte auf der Website
  • Texte/Inhalte
  • Bilder
  • Impressum
  • Datenschutz
  • Cookies Meldung


charged quarterly
  • Alles aus PREMIUM
  • Max. 5 Seiten Website
  • E-Mail Premium Support
  • SEO Onsite (für Google)
  • Seitenschutz mit Sicherheitstool
  • Facebook Konto (Unternehmensseite)
  • Twitter Konto


charged monthly
  • Alles aus GOLD
  • 1 x Domain (Alle Endungen)
  • 1 x E-Mail (1TB Speicher)
  • SSL Zertifikate für Domain und alle Subdomains
  • Max. 10 Seiten Website
  • Instagram Konto
  • LinkedIn Konto (Unternehmensseite)
  • kostenloser Telefon-Support
  • Microsoft Zugänge für Unternehmen
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint Online
  • Teams for Business
  • OneDrive 1TB Speicher (Cloud)

Corporate Design

Take your brand to the next level. Present your company to the outer world as a modern professional business.

Most corporate companies represent their marketing designs with the same look and feel. So customers and visitors can recognize the brand immediately and relate to different elements like logo, business cards, letter pad, etc.

With keen focus on trends, our designers are ready to work with you and give your business a modern and fresh look. Be a part of the process as our designing experts translate your ideas into reality. Let’s incorporate your business philosophy into your brand.


Let it be retro, minimalistic, abstract, or line art design, we got it all covered.

To know more about the type of designs you want, book an appointment and we’ll be happy to provide assistance in your decision-making.  

Our Expertise

Our team of experts from all areas of IT is fully committed to customer satisfaction. 


Graphic Designing

We have top branding experts in the field of graphic designing, ready to take your project to perfection.


Customer Care

With the customer care service, our Customer care department is always available to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

Web design

Perfect Websites

Easy to navigate, visually appealing, valuable and relevant content, clear and concise layout, with easy-to-read fonts and an organized structure.


Network Engineering

Our network engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that your networks are optimized for performance, reliability, and security.


IT Consultancy

Providing expert guidance and advice organizations on their IT needs and strategies. IT is important for businesses of all sizes as it helps them stay competitive in this digital age.


Effective Marketing

It’s all about understanding your target audience and creating a message that resonates with them. Choosing the right marketing channels is key to reaching your target audience.

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